What does Campaign Group mean?


Every time you choose to ‘Edit and resend’ an email campaign we will group them together in a Campaign Group. At the top of every Group you will see a new Summary view of the combined stats of all the emails in the Group. We collate all the results in handy summary.

Clicking on the ‘View summary’ button will show all the email addresses, the open/bounced/unsubscribe details including their RSVP response if you had sent this type of response email. You can export all these details as before in the common format .CSV file you can open in any spreadsheet software. Of course, you can still drill down into the details of each individual email campaign you send.

If you wish to send a new email as part of a Campaign Group, but not based on one you’ve already sent, click the orange button ‘Send new email’ just below the Summary table. This will allow you to choose a fresh email design.  Once sent, or saved as a draft, it will be added to that Campaign Group and the results collated together in the Summary.



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