Step by step guide to sending your first email campaign

Step 1  -  Choose your email design

You can choose from one of the search options to find a design

To see the full range of MailGlo designs click on 'All Email Designs' at the top of the home page and select your chosen design.

or to see a selection of designs use the search bar on the home page.  

This search will give you filtered results based on your search words:


You can also find a design by using the Collection, Category, Tags or RSVP Invite drop down menus.



Step 2 - Customise design

You are now ready to edit your design which is really very simple. You can view any changes you make in real time as it updates on the live preview shown below.



Edit logo

Select 'Choose file' to upload your logo from your PC or tablet.  You can change the size and alignment of where is appears on the design.  Try out what works well for you. The image must be a JPEG, PNG or GIF file type. The image will automatically scale down to fit the design. Your image will not be increased in size.

Link URL - Enter your website address so that you can click on your logo to find your website address

Alternative text - Some recipients may not be able to view your logo, if they have turned off their images,  so leave this blank or put in your company name as an alternative.


Use the tick box to remove the logo if not needed.


Edit main image

If you would like to change the image either select an image from our library or upload your own image from your PC or device.  Change the size, alignment and link the image to your website. The image must be a JPEG, PNG or GIF file type. The image will automatically scale down to fit the design. It will not increase the size of your image.


Use the tick box to remove the image if not needed.

Colour Scheme - Choose your colour scheme for the text, links and image if an illustration

Email subject - Enter your text for the subject line.  This is the first text that your recipients will read.  Make it short and avoid spammy words. See our subject line tips here 

Salutation and name - Choose your salutation (Dear, To, Hello), or choose your own and select how you want the name to be displayed by unchecking the boxes (see below).

The names will be imported from your CSV file.  If you want the title and surname to appear -  e.g. Mr Smith you need to make sure that the Title and Surname columns are complete on your CSV file.

Greeting - This is the main header of your email.  You can add in more detail in the additional text section.

If you have chosen an invite email design then edit the following:

Time and place - Enter the time, date and venue.  Use the check location button to make sure we have the right place.  You need to enter the country for Google maps to work on the Glo page

Add RSVP - Check this box if you would like your friends or clients to RSVP to your event.  You can track 

Edit Social links - add in your social media links that you want to promote



 If you haven't done already you now need to create a free account. Easy.

We will email you a 5 digit code that you just need to put in the box.  Check your junk folder in case it lands in there.

Step 3 - Pay and send

Edit name and send - choose which name and email address you would like your email to be sent from.  You could send on behalf of a friend or colleague.

Create email list - Either manually add your email addresses and names and then name your list.  




If you are sending to quite a few contacts, create an Excel spreadsheet and save as a CSV file.  It will not work unless it is uploaded as a CSV.  Select 'Choose File' to browse for your file on your PC or device and choose file.  Select 'Next'.


Make sure the Title, First name and Last Name are in separate columns. Then match your columns with 'Our Columns' then select 'create email list.'  This is important so the name appears in the email in the correct format.  Mr Smith or Sam Smith or Sam.


Your list will appear under 'sending to'.  Tick your lists that you would like to send to.


Then send! Keep an eye on your campaign summary to see open rates and RSVPs.













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