Add a Sign-up Form to Your Website



You can add a subscriber sign-up form to your own website. Anyone who adds their details to it will be automatically added to an email list within your MailGlo account.

You first need to create an email list and then add a form to it. See steps below.

Step 1.

Log in to your MailGlo account

Step 2.

Go to 'My Email Lists' in your account

Step 3.

Go to step 4 if you already have an email list you want to use.

IF you want to create an empty list that all new subscribers can add their emails to:

First create a new email list. Click the green button '+ Create new email list'

A pop-up box will appear. Give the list a name you can identify it. For example 'My website subscriber form'

Click 'Create email list' to save that list. Note you DO NOT need to add any emails to the list. Your new list has been created and added to the table of email lists.

Step 4.

Find the email list in the table and click 'Add form' link in that table row.

In the pop-up box that should appear, give the form a name and click 'Create subscriber form'. Your form has now been created. You now need to share the form. You can add this form code to your own website.

Step 4.

Click 'View form' link in the 'Subscribe Form' column in the row that matches the email list.

Step 5.

Add this subscriber form to your website. You have 2 options to choose from:

- A wide form
- A slim form

You can preview what these look like by clicking the 'Preview' button. Which will open the form in a new window for you to see.

Choose either of the form and copy and paste the code from the box into the code of your website.

All done. Now anyone who goes to your website and fills in their contact details will be added to that email list. Its a good idea to check the form works. Go ahead and add your details through the form. Then check your list in your MailGlo account. You'll see it in there. You can delete your email from the list so its fresh again.


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