How do I resend to specific contacts?

When you click the button to ‘Edit and resend’ a campaign you’ll be asked to confirm who exactly you want to send the email to this time. For example:


I want to resend my email to the people who did not open the email last time
– Tick the box ‘Not opened email’ under ‘Previous status’ column and then tick 'no response'.

I want to resend my email to only the people who opened my last email
– Tick the box ‘Opened email’ under ‘Previous status’ column.

I want to resend my email to people who responded ‘Yes’ to come to my event
– Tick the box ‘Yes’ under ‘Previous RSVP response’ column (this column is only shown if the email was a RSVP design).

Hopefully you get the idea here! You can quickly send a reminder of your event or offer to people. Get back in contact with those who did not initially respond etc.

Please note that MailGlo does not tolerate SPAM emails.  Only send to your customers and contacts or those that have expressed an interest in your organisation through social media or exhibition etc.  Do not buy in third party lists.



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