Can I add an event date, time and address to my email?

Yes you can. 

  1. Choose the email design you’d like to use, the design must contain the date, address and time information, this will take you to a page called ‘Customise design’.
  2. Click in the field ‘Event date’ and select the day and month of your event from the calendar that appears.

IF you do not require a particular day then leave blank to remove it

IF your event is longer than 1 day, tick the box ‘Event longer than a day?’ And choose your end date

  1. Add your ‘Event time’ with the ‘From’ and ‘To’ drop down options
  2. Add your address below. The Street address 1, Postcode and country are all required to send the email. This information will be used to automatically create an interactive Google map that will be displayed on your unique ‘glo page’


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