How do I create a list?

Find 'My email lists' from your account table in the top right navigation



All your existing lists should appear in a 'list'.  Select 'Add new email list'


Create email list - Either manually add your email addresses and names and then name your list.  


Alternatively you you could create and upload your list at Step 3 Pay and Send



If you are sending to quite a few contacts, create an Excel spreadsheet and save as a CSV file.  It will not work unless it is uploaded as a CSV.  Select 'Choose File' to browse for your file on your PC or device and choose file.  Select 'Next'.


Make sure the Title, First name and Last Name are in separate columns. Then match your columns with 'Our Columns' then select 'create email list.'  This is important so the name appears in the email in the correct format.  Mr Smith or Sam Smith or Sam.


When you are at Step 3 your list will appear under 'sending to'.  Tick your lists that you would like to send to.


Then send! Keep an eye on your campaign summary to see open rates and RSVPs.




Note: you can add, edit or delete emails from each list anytime you want.


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